Saturday, April 21, 2007

Bragging rights

A short list of the birds I saw this afternoon at the park: red-eyed vireo, yellow-throated vireo, blue-headed vireo, white-eyed vireo, fish crow, great crested flycatcher, bluebird, northern parula, meadowlark, palm warbler, worm eating warbler, yellow rumped warbler, bald eagle, barred owl, ruby crowned kinglet, Kentucky warbler, yellow warbler, hermit thrush, ibis, blue winged teal, green heron, wood duck, chipping sparrow, swamp sparrow, rufous sided towhee, pine warbler, indigo bunting, a host of usual suspects (chickadees, white-throated sparrows, hummingbirds, etc.) and the crown jewel, the prothonotary warbler, pictured above in the banner.

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