Sunday, May 27, 2007

Afternoon at River Ridge

Once warm weather arrives, Jerry, the owner of River Ridge, hires musicians to play for diners every Saturday and Sunday afternoon. The restaurant features special menu items like havarti croque monsieurs, quiche Lorraine and (really great) bananas Foster on weekends as an added draw. It doesn't take a lot to send me driving to the ridgetop winery; a Cajun band from Ste. Genevieve and Joanie's red beans and rice was all it took on Saturday afternoon.

Lucky is Jerry's dog. He's usually well-mannered, stopping by your table for a quick pat. He never barks, and he generally leaves guests alone. I committed an unlucky error on Saturday. Knowing Molly's penchant for sausage, I fed Lucky the sausage from my red beans and rice. He wanted more, which I didn't have, and he started barking. He walked from table to table, barking at all the winery's guests. I created a monster.

I hadn't been up there since before April's hard frost. Keller, Jerry's right hand man, announced that they lost 60% of their grapes for this year's harvest. Keller's upbeat and fully expects the remaining 40% to produce the company's best wine ever. Their 2004 vintage is a hard one to beat, but we'll see....

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