Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Because several of you have asked for it, I'm including pictures from the garden in this post. My row of Swiss chard ("Bright Lights") is ready for harvest. I added some to burritoes a few nights ago; two fistfuls reduced to a tablespoon when steamed. The deliciously sweet sugar snap peas ("Wando" variety) will be ready when I get back from the Ozarks. My heirloom San Marzano tomatoes are chugging right along, next to volunteer plants from last year's Supersweet 100s.

The reforestation unit that runs parallel to the bayou in the backyard is established (each flag marks a tree, shrub or vine). About 90% of the trees and shrubs have leafed out, including most of the 25 bur oaks. I'm comforted to see that some of the same species I planted, like possumhaw and spicebush, are showing up on their own in the "no mowing" area.

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