Thursday, July 05, 2007

Speak Out!

It's been a while since I posted entries from Cape Girardeau's Southeast Missourian call-in "personal rant" section, Speak Out!. As usual, some are racist, some are very personal, and others are downright strange.

THANK YOU to the gas station on Kingshighway for putting in a beautiful fountain. I go past it a couple times a day and really enjoy it. That glimpse of flowing water is such a treat. It's a little corner of heaven. I hope other businesses follow suit. We could be the city of fountains!

ALL RESTAURANTS should have music playing. I don't want my private conversations overheard.

I HAVE to say kudos to the Indians for their inventive skywalk over the Grand Canyon, providing it doesn't fall down. I get so many letters from the Indian reservations asking for help. I'm glad they came up with a way to solve their own problems, because there's only so much that all of us out here can do. I thought the price they were going to charge was a little excessive however for going on a skywalk to look over.

I SPENT time in the county jail, and I saw a lot of things going on there like smoking in the showers, passing notes under the door to the other cell block and even inmates trading food for prescription drugs. Wake up, people! The doors between the pods are under the stairs. The deputy can't watch all of them at once, even with the cameras!

TO THE person who scoffed at the idea that children are a gift of God: Think of it this way. Everyone receives gifts at Christmas, and we all know that some of those gifts are not welcomed by the recipient. Other times, the recipient welcomes the gift but, due to circumstances either within or beyond their control, nothing good comes from it. I received an exercise bike one year. It sat in our bedroom, I'd trip over it, and it ended up being sold for a few dollars at a garage sale. That doesn't mean the gift wasn't good. It just means that for some reason things didn't turn out as intended, because I have free will. This is a simplistic example, but you get the idea.

HOW MANY of the estimated 11 million illegal aliens have regular tuberculosis? How many have drug-resistant TB? How many have the blood-transmitted Chagas disease that infects millions in Latin America?

ABOUT THE illegal immigrant costing the county: This man is illegally in our country. Why try to make things easier for him? Do you honestly think this man is going to pay his hospital bill? Prosecute him and deport him. He doesn't care about our laws. Why should we care about his financial troubles?

TO WHOEVER took my grandchild's Power Wheels Jeep off Bainbridge Road: If you return it in good shape I will not release the videotape.

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