Monday, September 24, 2007

My herpetologist's eyes

The turtle project is coming to an end, which means the end of conversation during my workday. My herpetologist and I have other things to do, like looking for fall-breeding amphibians, checking out other areas that are under my care, looking for snakes on Crowley's Ridge. I'll make that long drive to Cape Girardeau to spend time with him, his cute fiancee, Melita, their dog, Pimp, and his really great mother who recently moved here from Chalmette, Louisiana. He's one of the few people I've met in Missouri worth keeping in touch with...and he's from New Orleans.

From his patient hands, pictures which can be enlarged by merely clicking on them: a great blue skimmer dragonfly (Bones learned his dragonflies this summer, thereby completing his knowledge of southeast Missouri's natural history), a great shot of a green heron who used to sit around while we were checking nets, my favorite frog of them all, the green treefrog, spotted while Bones was frog-sitting my dart frogs, and a spiny softshell turtle (we've caught some monsters during the survey, and this is one of them). I've been asked what I plan to do with all the time that the end of the turtle survey allows. I'll be playing catch up, finally seeing what the plant life is doing in the park.

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