Saturday, September 01, 2007


Gasquet is out with a sore throat and a fever. Sharapova played terribly today (wonder if there are any mob connections?). Isner gave Federer a good run, proving that all is not lost in the way of American men's tennis. It's time for salty snacks, pinot noir, and hoping that the wind doesn't knock out reception in the middle of a game. The US Open is in full swing so I'm glued to the makeshift television, a computer with satellite hookup. Check out the weblog listed to the right called Gasquet and Racquet. It might explain why every Nike-sponsored player except Federer wore the same terrible yellow and gray striped number straight out of East Germany c. 1986. If Nike required that everyone wore the same thing, shame on them for their undemocratic display of branding.

Tomorrow promises great tennis: both Williams sisters and Nadal. I don't know if I'll see the light of day.

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Anonymous said...

federer is kicking some butt about nowish.anb