Thursday, September 13, 2007

An Update

Remember the kingfisher who was tangled in the fishing line?

Every morning, my herpetologist, Bones, listens to one of those "morning zoo" programs, called Kid Kraddick in the Morning. At some point during the show, the announcers offer a prize to the numbered caller. My herpetologist never wins these things. A couple of days ago, he won! He was the whatever-number-caller and therefore won a gift certificate to a spa treatment somewhere in Cape Girardeau.

Today, he went to pick up his prize. Last month, after Bones dropped off the stressed out and exhausted kingfisher at a wildlife rehabilitator, he erased the name of the rehabilitator from his brain. The wildlife rehab outfit was supposed to call the park with updates, to let us know how the bird was faring. They never did. Today, when Bones went to the spa to pick up his prize, he noticed that the spa was next door to the kingfisher's wildlife rehabilitator.

Not one for shyness, Bones went in to ask after the bird. Apparently, the bird recovered from its wounds. A wildlife conservation agent from my sister agency picked up the bird from the vet and let it go. In Sedgewickville. 50 miles from where the bird was found dangling from a tree. While I'm thrilled that the bird is still alive, I'm chagrined that he is not zooming around the swamp where he belongs. This represents reason number 452 why I refuse to work for my sister agency. Anyone in my outfit would take the bird back to where it came from....

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