Thursday, October 11, 2007

Reynolds House

The city of Cape Girardeau can't handle money very well. Every week, another article appears in their fine Southeast Missourian about how the City Council allocated funds for one project, decided at the last minute to funnel it somewhere else, and now they're asking for tax dollars for the original project. This seems to happen all the time in Cape Girardeau. Ask anyone in Cape Girardeau Co. about the public swimming pool fiasco, and you'll get an earful.

Now, the only house in the area that represents the French Colonial Period in Cape Girardeau is in desperate need of a $3,000 roof. The city can't find the funds. Neither can the state's Historic Preservation group, and neither can anyone else, apparently. Read here a frustrating tale about a property of great historic significance that will fall to pieces within months if it doesn't get a new roof. Where are the public pleas for money? Where are the roofing companies who can step up to the plate, get great press and save a historic property in a few days? Where are the musicians for a benefit concert? $3,000? That will get you a one bedroom apartment in New Orleans for a month. Or an entire century of history in Cape Girardeau.

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