Sunday, November 04, 2007

Perennis, a newsletter

The anonymity of this format has its downsides. While it's nice to sit here, at my 1940s table next to a dusty wooden chess set writing into space, I often wonder who, besides my family and close friends, ever reads my rantings. There was that lady who played badminton who wrote a comment about tennis. And there was that French guy who responded to my US Open post that Gasquet was, indeed, dreamy (at least his backhand was). But times like this, when I'm trying to find local support and involvement, I'd like to know who actually reads this thing.

This past summer, my enthusiastic entomologist, a colleague with my sister agency, and a Botany professor all confronted me in a matter of three days: "Why don't you start a Native Plant Society chapter for southeast Missouri?" They know I have a tireless enthusiasm for the native plants of southeast Missouri, that I stop my car to check out sedges in ditches and have allowed half of my yard to succeed from a manicured lawn to an early successional woodland. The turtle project is over. Plant surveys are complete. Burn season hasn't really started yet. I have no excuse not to start drumming up local support for a native plant society chapter. The first edition of a newsletter, named "Perennis" after the lovely swamp milkweed, Asclepias perennis was completed about 10 minutes ago. The Latin term perennis, by the way, means "everlasting, continuous, for a long time," which is what I would expect of a local NPS chapter.

So, I invite any and all interested parties to join a handful of native plant enthusiasts for an organizational meeting on November 16, 5 pm, at the restaurant at River Ridge (outside of Commerce). Considering that the statewide chapter has had the last 3 annual meetings in the vicinity, I think it's high time we celebrate our own natural heritage.

(And if anyone wants copies of the informative, well-designed first issue of the newsletter, just drop a line.)

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