Tuesday, November 06, 2007


My Thai basil was bruised by this morning's frost. Temperatures dropped to the 30s last night for the first time since March. I bid farewell to my thriving oregano, parsley, and basil plants today, all of whom played important roles in my culinary adventures this season. Tonight's frost is supposed to be the killer; outdoor plants move inside on nights like this one. I have a colander full of green tomatoes.

I imagine my zinnia bed will be a desiccated wreck in the morning. My dahlias will look like rotting slime. The last pictures: a dinnerplate dahlia (yellow), a sachem on a late season zinnia.

The woods are lovely right now, full of yellow and red leaves littering the forest floor. Deciduous holly has set fruit, bright red berries essential to wintering bird populations. The last of the woodland asters are in full bloom across the woods.

The winter bird species are back. A Northern harrier hangs out at the park entrance every afternoon. Since days end earlier now, I have to complete my run before 5. Now, it's just past 8, and the kitchen is already cleaned up after dinner. The short stack of books breathes down my neck; this is the season of productivity, indeed.

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