Saturday, December 15, 2007

Visit from the Grinch

Snow and ice have moved into the region this past week, which has made driving (and even walking) a serious chore. Last night we were walloped with another three inches of snow on top of two inches of sleet and an inch of last week's ice. Three more inches of snow are predicted over night.

If you turn on any major network in the area tonight, scrolling across the bottom of the screen is a thorough listing of all of the cancelled church services, bingo games, AlAnon meetings, schools. Thrown into the mix of cancelled events and closings are roughly 50 holiday affairs--Christmas pageants, cancelled. Christmas piano concerts, cancelled. Nativity scenes, cancelled. Holiday party for State Farm employees, cancelled. Winter Wonderland Dance in Eldon, cancelled. This snowstorm hasn't kept the Christmas carollers away. Marching down Ash tonight during Molly's walk was a whole herd of MU students, belting out carols to anyone who would stop and listen (which, of course, I did.).

I almost wrecked about three times today; my car stopped two inches ahead of the bumper of a fancy SUV, and I almost slammed into a building and a stop sign. The roads are terrible, but I've been assured that my office will never close. My snowman is cute and small and probably a subject of laughter and scorn next door. I'll probably walk downtown tomorrow for light Christmas shopping in Columbia's well-decorated stores (they're all lit up so beautifully!). Central Missouri needs a few days without snow and ice so we can get on with this fun, musical, and festive season...

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