Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Anyone who knows me knows that I write letters, often long and drawn out letters about daily life, my thoughts on politics, theatre I missed in New York, New Yorker articles worth mentioning. My letters always come on 100% cotton Crane's paper, engraved, with lined envelopes. It's pretty arcane, really, but I'm stuck in my ways. I send letters to farmers who have provided great greens, bakeries that sold me excellent birthday cakes. Now, after the third night of bowing to my needs, Flat Branch, the brewpub up the street, is getting one.

Deep in the throes of the Australian Open, we've gone to Flat Branch several times this week to cadge a watch of matches on ESPN2. Seldom ordering food, my first order is to ask the bartender to change the channel. During the Green Bay game on Sunday, she asked, simply, "what channel...." No one groaned, no one complained. And I watched tennis! Tonight, the Pistons game. "Can you switch it to the Australian Open?" The bartender changed the channel. Venus played a terrible match against Jankovic. It was so clumsy, in fact, that I'm starting to rethink my loyalties. And, not to be picky, but can you, dear bartender, also turn off the closed captioning which covers up the baseline? Sure, no problem. And can I yell when Jokovic slams a lob shot at Ferrer? Not a problem. Can I slap my hand against the bar when Venus slams another ball into the net? Sure, who wouldn't? Maybe this is why sports bars are popular. What a great place. If only Flat Branch was open for the 3:30 am Federer match.

A question posed over Brown Ale: if Venus, Gasquet, Nadal and Sharapova were invited to play mixed doubles, who would be paired with whom, and which team would win? I have my answer, but I'm curious of what my friends think.

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Erin said...

Your post has inspired me. I have always intended to write a letter to Bloomington Bagels, the bagel place by the music school in Bloomington. One time I stopped their before a big exam for a bagel. When the found out I had an exam they me free gingko tea. Another time I was picking up bagels to share with Nathan's dissertation committee and was loaded down with a double stroller, two kids, and more food. There was some disaster involving juice spilling and me being horribly embarrassed. They were so kind and gave me more juice for free and fruit cups as well. I have never had these kind of experiences at another company. Anyhow, I think it is amazing that you notice people's kindness and take the time to thank them by letter. I should have done that 5 years ago!