Friday, January 11, 2008

We take it from where we can get it

From my lovely friend, Kerrie, in Oregon:

I'm lucky to sit by a big picture window here at my workplace. I'm fascinated with watching the clouds drift by, and identifying the different varieties. When I stand and look out, I can see some noble, large neighborhood trees and birds flying by singly and in groups. (Amazingly, somehow I still manage to get top marks for productivity from my boss!)

Or you could be like my secretary who puts out this little millet feeder for the juncos in a patch of turf no greater than 5 sq. ft. Or the air pollution secretary who spends her lunch break walking around our earth contact building. Or like my boss, who watches the leaf litter whirl into tornadoes as he's plotting his next directive. Or when you're tired of being inside you can check out the program's vehicle and rush off to the Ozark woods whenever it strikes your fancy.

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