Friday, June 06, 2008

(Driving gratitude)

There's this great Latin construction for expressing gratitude. They don't use the word for "offer" or "give," but "drive" (gratias ago). It's a very active verb, to drive thanks to someone. So, I actively drive thanks to all of you who have expressed sincere wishes for my little dog's health. Compassion towards little dogs is one of the most cherished virtues in my book.

Molly returned to the cold, metal table today at the veterinarian's office following an entire week of being prodded with needles and filled intravenously with fluids. She had to sit still a lot. She whimpered at the mere pinch of the scruff of her neck, several moments before the needle pierced her skin. She's changed her diet to this gray chicken stock-based food (unfortunately, I don't think her new food contains any horsemeat. I always felt like I was helping the landscape by feeding her horses.). She was terribly sluggish all week, unable to climb steps, downright cranky. Who wouldn't be? Add to it the daily thunderstorms brought about by hot, Gulf air meeting the low pressure from the west. Her arthritis was bugging her. She hated the thunder and lightning. And she had needles crammed into her skin every night. I thought I had sent my dog to an early, uncomfortable death by her twice monthly eggs Benedict.

Around noon, I learned that her kidneys are still functioning and will continue to do so under strict dietary restraints. She's started rowfing at the neighborhood kids and dogs again. Next up is a trip to the groomer to get that hot winter coat off. I don't have air conditioning in my house or car, so she regularly camps out in front of the single fan. All she needs is mustard. But I'll give her a few days reprieve from being manhandled by people she doesn't know or appreciate. And yes, we've already started scheduling canoe trips, camping trips and plenty visits to the woods that she cherishes as much as I do.

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