Thursday, July 24, 2008

1985 hunter green L.L. Bean canvas bag

My trusty, sturdy L.L. Bean luggage has seen me through years of travels. Tonight I'm trying to cram field guides, a small handlens, reading material, sweaters, dresses, running shoes, engraved stationary and layers of clothes into it to deal with the clammy Oregon coast weather. While in Oregon, I expect to find interesting shells, to eat great chowder, to play piano, to see savannas, prairies, landscapes adapted to "rain shadows," to have lively, bubbly conversation with really smart friends, and maybe, just maybe, catch the puffins on Haystack Rock.

The farmer's market won't miss me, the blackberries of Columbia will be plundered despite my absence, and my antique work computer will enjoy the time that I'm not banging onto its decrepit keyboard, exasperated. However, I'll have to find the time to think about Missouri to tell you all about Grasshopper Hollow Natural Area, an amazing fen complex in the Ozarks that I dream about as often as I think of Oregon.


Anonymous said...

Your colleague looks forward to the Grasshopper Hollow post with great anticipation; however, more importantly he (and many other readers) wish you a grand and much deserved vacation in beautiful Oregon. Take a rest and immerse yourself in the delights of pure vacation pleasure for this and the month of August to come.

Texas Travelers said...

Have fun. The last itme we were through that area, we spent a week and it wasn't nearly enough time.