Sunday, July 06, 2008


I think the entire city of Columbia heard me yell a gleeful, boisterous "AAHHHHH!" today at Flat Branch. I've waited patiently for years, literally years, to see Rafael Nadal win Wimbledon. I distinctly recall my first year in southeast Missouri sitting on the porch, pondering the sycamore tree that blocked my computer's ability to download matches, telling someone "oh, no, I think Nadal has a great chance this year..." I've said it for years.

5 hours and Federer's B game later, he finally won. I was surrounded by Columbians who really wanted Federer to win. After I finally calmed down, after watching the closed caption read "uh...Roz-air played a great's always great playing Roz-air...we have a long history" (Flat Branch is particularly cool about not having obnoxious sound on when they show sports), a professorial older woman tapped me on the arm and said, in a sort of smarmy way, "you know, the rest of uswanted Federer to win. He would have broken Borg's record." Yeah, yeah, yeah, well, my man of clay finally won on grass.

I made paella and sangria tonight and watched hundreds of fireflies awake and then retire for the night. We sat in the backyard pondering the U.S. Open lineup, wondering how Sharapova would do on hard court. But finally, a grueling two weeks of biting my nails and skipping work comes to a close.


Nathan said...

As I watched the last few games of Wimbledon, I kept thinking of you. Like your fellow watchers, I was rooting for Roger, but my brother in law was for Rafa, and I could tell my man was going to lose. What an epic match! I'm sure you savored it.

On another note, I'll have to put some fiction on my profile list! I most recommend the Under a Cruel Star memoir. It is always a student favorite.

Ted C. MacRae said...

I didn't get to watch but was able to listen to the match over satellite radio while checking traps for Cicindela cursitans. I had so many "parking lot moments" during the last three sets - struggling with the desire to hear Nadal win it versus needing to get my traps checked, only to come back to the car and find the match still going. At 7-7 in the 5th set, and needing to check my traps at Donaldson Point, I opened all the doors and turned the radio up so loud it could be heard a quarter mile away - glad I did it because finally I got to hear Nadal win as I pulled several spectacular Lucanus elaphus from a fermenting bait trap.

A Wimbleton to remember!