Thursday, January 29, 2009


The winter storm that I wanted to bring a few inches of polite snow to the Ozark Highlands turned into a monster of an ice storm Tuesday night. The river town of Eminence received five inches of ice and sleet. Every utility pole in Piedmont cracked under the weight of ice. Thousands upon thousands in the Ozark Highlands and southeast lowlands are still without power for the third night in a row. So much for a polite snow that drapes on trees and allows for easy passage on roads. Temperatures remained so low that even the most earnest snowman builder wouldn't be able to create a snowball.

I made my way into the central Ozarks Tuesday night under extreme weather warnings. Wednesday I passed by huge heaps of snowbanks and several miles of streambanks in hopes of finding the bright yellow flowers of Ozark witch hazel. Gravel bars were common on Mill Creek, but they didn't possess the flowering shrub. I'll head back out this weekend to hopefully snap a photo or two.


Anonymous said...

The Ozark Witch Hazel I have is red in color.

Allison Vaughn said...

I bet it's grand! The one native to the Ozarks is yellow with thin red stripes in it. I still haven't seen it. I'm trying again Thursday in Phelps Co. along streambanks...maybe I'm just not meant to see it? Maybe it's my own personal Yeti?