Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Property rights

While Molly recovers from ailments common to a 16 year old little dog, this post serves as a reminder that her territory- normally defended by a hearty "rowf!" -includes but is not limited to the following:

Niangua River, from Bennett to Prosperine
Columbia's Stephens Lake and Grindstone Parks
The entire Broadmoor neighborhood in Shreveport
Walk-in camp sites at Hawn
Lake of the Ozarks State Park, all 17,000+acres
Gans Creek Wild Area at Rock Bridge Memorial
Ridgeway Avenue
Upper reaches of the Current River
Eleven Point River, from Greer to the Highway Bridge
Big Oak Tree State Park and Hwy. 102 in Mississippi Co.
Outside seating at Missouri wineries
My sister's house in Victor, Idaho
My 1995 Honda Civic, and 100 yards surrounding the perimeter
That quiet Forest Service campground in the Black Hills, the quiet interrupted every half hour with a loud bark when other campers decided to visit the pit latrine
The St. Louis (pet-friendly) Hilton where she undoubtedly disturbed every guest on the second floor while I went out to dinner

She remains stalwartly opposed to 1. kids on bikes, especially those two boring little kids with helmets, nicknamed Rod and Todd Flanders 2. infants, especially in strollers 3. the ugly little dog with a smashed nose belonging to that new strange assortment of people across the street-not a family, not a brothel, not a legal business 4. Ron, the big black dog who never minds his owner's yelling 5. that guy clad in S&M leather (from chaps to a studded dog collar), the first I've seen in the Midwest, walking dogs down my street event which encouraged Molly to bark persistently and vociferously until the man reached the end of the street.

She continues to receive around-the-clock care and her veterinarian assures me that we are doing "everything humanly possible" for Molly's health and well-being.

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