Sunday, June 07, 2009

Molly Anne Bloom Poss, 1993-2009

Molly died at 5:45 this morning in my bed as we gently stroked her back. Following a year of dietary restrictions to help impaired kidneys and two series of intravenous fluids administered over the course of a year, her kidneys finally gave up. In March, we discovered a large tumor on her chest that began to impact her breathing, but managed to shrink it with two rounds of antibiotics and homeopathic methods for slowing tumor growth in dogs (cut out grains, first). Special thanks to the Millersburg Veterinary Hospital for unflappable dedication to my dog's health and patience with my fear of needles while they provided instruction for administering fluids.

(Rather miraculously, three hours after my 16 year old dog died, I somehow managed to pass my Fire Academy exam while my dog lay in the cool basement on her bed awaiting burial.)

We buried her under a dogwood tree, in rich soil next to an elm sprout (which she liked to eat in her later years when her stomach started bothering her) surrounded by tall violets and Silphium perfoliatum plants. Her grave is now a bed of impatiens and caladiums--happy, bright little shade-loving annuals to serve as pretty placeholders for the Christmas ferns, mosses, and Ozark wildflowers I'll gather in the fall from Brazito. The house wrens and katydids will keep her company out there.

Molly is survived by Booker Beck and Gulliver Poss, two hounds she never liked very much at all; they were both too rowdy, too rambunctious, and too friendly for her taste. Her smile could light the room, and we're absolutely lost without her. From now on, June 16, Bloomsday, will be a holiday for me.
Post scriptum: Click here for a nice selection of images and great videos of Molly. See, in action, Molly fight the Monster in the Bed; it's the first video below the slideshow, and in the end, she gleefully discovers the source of Monsterdom.

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