Saturday, June 27, 2009


"You're in the seventh level of Dante's Hell right now..." Doug tells me as I rest my forehead on my wrist. Sidled up at Flat Branch for another day of tennis, NBC shows their personal bias towards American men's tennis and I'm stuck watching a point by point ace game between Roddick and Meltzer. Each time Meltzer tries to bring Roddick to the net, America's one dimensional player slams the ball to the baseline, never stepping foot anywhere near the net.

Boring tennis. Anyone suffering through the Roddick-Meltzer match today must be stronger than I am. I instead turned away from the match after the umpteenth ace and listened to Peter's story of finally meeting the 75 year old guy who regularly steals the bar's copy of The New York Times, a meeting which involved Peter's engaging with the thief. Peter confronted the old man, explaining that the newspaper is regularly read by several very regular patrons and the bartenders, now knowing why the newspaper disappears everyday around 2, have come to recognize the old man and have started hiding The New York Times from him. It's sad it's come to that, of course, but sadder still that better matches weren't aired while I had no obligations to a paying job on a Saturday.

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