Saturday, August 15, 2009

Chinese Mystery Snail

Oh, great, another aquatic exotic species is finding Ozark streams to be a perfectly fine place to take up residence these days. Known from the pet trade, the "Chinese mystery snail" has been identified from the Niangua River recently. Significantly larger than the gilled snails that traditionally inhabit our rivers, this population may have been dumped from an aquarium into the river. No one really knows exactly the impact populations of this snail will have on native species, but, like those crummy little bait clams of the genus Curbicula, they're not supposed to be here. If you find them in the Niangua or other Missouri river, MDC suggests removing them. I guess that means throw them into your red mesh Stream Team trash bag and toss them into the Dumpster after your float....


Texas Travelers said...

Another invasive.
Thanks for sharing.

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Justin Thomas said...

While working south of the city of Indianapolis a few years on the White River, I found some of these very snails. After a long process of getting someone to look at them (USDA gentleman came out to collect them and id them) I found out what they were. The USDA guy later told me that the Indy power plant just upstream was the source and that their intake ponds for the cooling towers are so full of these pests that they have to periodically send someone down to scrape them from the intake screens. He also said they are partially terrestrial and will travel over land to new locations. Great, just great.