Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Field day

Nothing beats a freshly burned landscape for wildflower viewing in April. When you manage properly for biodiversity, viable populations of conservative species respond.

Unfortunately, deer flock like hooved locusts to burned woodlands and have the keen ability to sniff out ice cream plants and clip them to a nub just as they did Tradescantia virginiana (shorter than ohiensis, taller than ozarkana), false hellebore, several stems of Cypripedium parviflorum , lots of shagbark hickory...

Turtles are out, and one of the most locally abundant orchids are in bloom now, spring coral root which shoots up like a beech drop (though not on beech) in dry mesic woodlands throughout the Ozarks. Corallorhiza wisteriana just loves fire, as do I.

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