Saturday, April 03, 2010

Spring, in earnest

(In Missouri, we should all remember days like this one when, in December, the sun disappears for weeks on end.) A remarkably perfect weather day ushering in the growing season, just ideal for long distance biking, hiking through nice woodlands, turning your sticky clay into malleable soil (with heaps and mounds of compost, manure, and leaf mold).

Beautiful bags of tender loose leaf lettuce are available at farmer's markets now. My clothes dried in ONE day on the line near the chinquapin oak; my neighbor's socks (pictured) dried in four hours. (NB: it takes three days for one pair of jeans to
dry in December).

Molly's bed, packed with daffodils, Christmas fern, trillium and Jack-in-the-pulpit has started blooming--no substitute for my deeply missed little dog, but pretty. I have flats of arugula, Russian kale, and sweet pea seedlings that popped up earlier this week. But the wildflowers, the stunning display of Ozark wildflowers this spring makes all of those weeks with snowpack and bare soil seem like a world away.

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