Sunday, July 25, 2010


If you were disappointed by the spring morel harvest (no rain, slugs, all around bad weather for morels), set out this week for a bumper crop of chanterelles! They're all over the place in dry rocky woodlands in the Ozarks. These fall mushrooms impart a savory tinge to dishes, almost like roasted chicken, and the elegant texture of fresh mushrooms allows them to stand on their own in cream-based sauces.

If you harvest more than you can eat, chanterelles freeze well. The sad, expensive little desiccated chanterelles in cellophane offered by Melissa's of California (found at larger grocery stores in the Ozarks) don't hold a candle to the brilliant orange fresh mushrooms that are literally falling over themselves in our woodlands right now.

Try them lightly sauteed in olive oil, garlic and sea salt, then arranged on a pizza with fresh chard, tomatoes and big, strapping leaves of basil (or whatever your garden grows) and you won't think twice of all the morels that never showed up this spring.


Anonymous said...

yes, and the paw paw season is right around the corner...

Allison Vaughn said...

You know, it is, as it corresponds to my birthday--always spent on a river. The Jack's Fork is loaded with good pawpaw stands, as is the upper Gasconade. I need to keep myself from just eating them raw like a raccoon and maybe cook them in a custard or something civilized like that. Watch, in September, I'll write that I've eaten them all raw like I do every damned time.