Sunday, September 26, 2010


According to the casual survey of some of my favorite winemakers in the Ozarks, the future looks bright for the 2010 vintage of Missouri's Norton! Big, supple grapes, the Vitis aestivalis cross is currently being harvested by hand in Missouri. The folks around St. James never even had to irrigate their grapes this season and some vintners are waiting until the very last minute to harvest their Nortons for a higher Brix factor. I was fortunate to sample the first crush out of the fermentation vat at one winery, my glass filled with vibrant fruit, seeds, and skins. Lovely, raw Norton. I probably won't taste the '10 Norton again until 2015.

The Ozark Highlands of Missouri and Arkansas are playing host this week to the esteemed Norton Wine Travelers from South Carolina. Classy folks, well-educated, big readers, musically prolific, the Norton Wine Travelers will be in the St. James region and around Springfield during the week and around St. Louis somewhere around the weekend. Make sure there's a fresh bottle on the tasting bar....

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