Saturday, January 08, 2011

12th Night in the Field

Epiphany arrived on Thursday this week, and I was pleased to learn that my fellow Episcopalians from Louisiana still had their Christmas trees up. (I wasn't the only one in the country...). Needles falling everywhere, of course, but still up. My big, desiccated cedar came down this weekend, his corner now filled with a big Boston fern who must appreciate the bright light coming from the front windows. So begins Carnival season, fire season, winter storm season, big snows, but increasingly longer days.

With the available daylight, I head to the woods to spend time in a stagnant landscape. After an early growing season burn in the woodlands, the unburned little bluestem erupted, sending out long stalks of ethereal, feathery seeds that remain in tact long into January. The mosses remain green, of course, and a source of great intrigue. I know a few of them by name, but not many. They remain a brilliant source of color in the winter landscape, and such a remarkable, fascinating group. 'Tis the season for brightness, Louis Prima, loud seasonings, winter squash, purple green and gold, and renewed vigor in all things....

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