Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Success is measured in btus.

If today's winds dried wet fuels, and if relative humidities drop into the 30s or at least super low 40s on Thursday, if forecasters aren't too trigger happy with fire danger warnings, the Ozarks may be able to see some of the first fires of spring fire season this week.

My personal and professional success is measured in acres treated, just as it should be for others whose goal in this pyrrhic landscape is to attempt to protect biodiversity in Missouri. I haven't had success in any aspect this year, actually, so any acres -barring piles of leaves in ditches- would help. Check in here periodically to see if your favorite tract of land is burning in the western Ozarks, or here for fire weather in the eastern Ozarks. [3/4/11: hit the forward arrow on the link to Springfield and see what Thursday's spot forecast requests looked like. Now, that's a good day, warms my heart and soul.]

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