Sunday, November 06, 2011

Fall Supper

While many in the Ozarks are busy crocheting red and green afghans, knitting hats and stitching felt onto stockings in preparation for Holiday Craft Bazaars, others are building the roster of kitchen duties for the community's Annual Fall Supper. An age-old tradition in the Ozarks, Fall Suppers serve not only as festive gatherings for the area but as fundraisers for the community and oftentimes for the local church and private school.

Fall Supper menus usually include fried chicken, ham, green beans, rolls or homemade bread, a vinegar-based slaw, and tables of homemade desserts--pies, cakes, brownies. Vienna is serving turkey and sausage this year (November 12). In the German Catholic communities, there's always a beer garden serving Anheuser-Busch products and maybe Pabst Blue Ribbon. These community gatherings are organized locally, often by the women of the church, and can feed thousands of visitors. There are usually games for the kids, raffles for handmade quilts, sometimes raffles for pots of money, all to raise funds for the area. Most Fall Suppers are buffet style, and can run all day. People travel from across the area to attend these festive events.

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