Sunday, November 27, 2011

November Botany

Stretch the legs and kick the leaves before the sun goes down--the winter landscape is settling in for the long haul. There's more to fall woodlands than leaves, but the venation pattern on oak leaves is particularly beautiful in the fall. The abundance of white oak acorns this year is incredible--those little black bears that live in Missouri will likely be very fat and happy this year. My backyard squirrels are already starting to look like arboreal beavers.
From November walks through the woods in the Ozarks, a few photos of wintery images before the snow arrives to bury plant matter altogether, leaving us only with glimpses of brightly colored yellow-rumped warblers and the bright red head of my favorite woodpeckers.


Justin Thomas said...

Hey Allison! Where is the acorn in your photo from? It looks like that of a strange Shumard Oak I am working on.

Allison Vaughn said...

Hey there, Justin! Thanks for checking in. That was taken at HHT or at Western Star. Have you picked up Nouveau this year?

Justin Thomas said...

Thanks for the response. Based on the chunk of dolomite under the acorn, HHT would make sense. It looks like what has been called Q. shumardii v. schneckii which is an invalid name for what is likely a good species. I need to get out there next season and see what the leaves look like.

The Brown Derby Wine Center in Springfield only had a french Nouveau which I purchased for Thanksgiving consumption. Next time I'm in Rolla I plan on picking up the St. James. I'll let you know how I liked it.