Friday, February 17, 2012

Counting birds in the Ozarks

(Lovely pine warbler photo from GBBC website, uploaded by Will Stuart of Matthews, NC)

I casually checked in throughout the day to find out who was seeing what birds where in Missouri. By 8 pm, the Ozarks were well represented on the Great Backyard Bird Count website. Bird counters in Pineville (Elk River Hills country) documented 2 pine warblers and a total of 27 species. Springfield counters have witnessed 31 species, and in Rolla, 32 species. St. Louis leads the pack of bird counters with 17 checklists submitted, with Kansas City and Rolla following closely with 13 and 10 checklists submitted by early evening Friday (the first day of the count). A number of folks in Missouri are seeing Eastern bluebirds (lucky) and someone in Theodosia documented a greater roadrunner today (luckier).

The list I'll submit from my backyard feeding station won't hold a candle to most of the ones submitted so far (too many house sparrows, few cardinals, flickers, red bellieds, my local Cooper's hawk who keeps coming in...). If I head to the nice burned woods this weekend, I could submit a pretty impressive list with high numbers of red headed woodpeckers, eagles, so forth.

It's nice to see participants from Stover, Mountain View, Houston, Willow Springs, and other Ozark towns representing; check here for a statewide list of results and locales. The submission page is very easy to use, so if you have a few minutes over the weekend, submit a bird checklist of your own here.

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