Monday, March 05, 2012

"Wind and Fire Weather Concerns"

The extreme dry weather, low relative humidities and super high winds are decidedly not conducive to fire tomorrow. The fine folks at Springfield NOAA recently began sending out fire weather alerts to an email list. From today's timely email:

Very strong southwest winds will overspread the region starting tonight, persisting through the day Tuesday. Wind gusts of 50 MPH will be possible in some areas on Tuesday. These winds will make travel difficult on area roadways, especially for those driving high profile vehicles. In addition, outdoor items like lawn furniture, trashcans, and any unsecured debris from recent storms will be susceptible to the effects of the wind. A Wind Advisory is in effect starting Tuesday morning.

The combination of the strong wind gusts and a dry airmass is expected to result in significant to extreme fire weather conditions across the region on Tuesday. This will be a very dangerous situation, as any fires started on Tuesday will exhibit explosive and uncontrolled growth and behavior. A Red Flag Warning has been issued for the region for Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

Out of all the websites that mention current fire incidents in the state---which one (if any) do you find the most reliable/current?

Allison Vaughn said...

I trust NOAA--Springfield and St. Louis, as well as Paducah for the southeastern part of the state.