Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Firefly Watch!

I think it was last week when the nighttime temperatures dropped to a low of 71 degrees, almost ten degrees higher than the normal daytime high in early April. Wildflowers are blooming much earlier all over the Ozarks, and even my sedges are busting out which will potentially impact my vegetation sampling schedule to accomodate the fruiting season. Most notably in the past two weeks, however, was the single random flicker of a very early firefly hovering around the redbuds in my backyard. April 4, the firefly came out on April 4, much earlier than normal. Boston's Museum of Science is tracking firefly activity again this year. On your first occurrence witnessing this harbinger of summer, go here and put the Ozarks on the map or explore the data to discover when fireflies are in your area!

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