Friday, May 25, 2012

Glade Days

As May progresses, the days grow longer, thankfully, and the only thing that brings me inside is the annoying alarm clock set for the crack of dawn the next day. On the docket for Saturday (aside from cherries and gooseberries at the Farmer's Market) is a much needed visit to Goodwill to find a few pairs of very lightweight field trousers. I've managed to destroy last year's field trousers to the point that massive holes now exist on the knees from kneeling repeatedly on chert rubble on glades--with every crouch, the small rip grows larger. Lightweight is key, lightweight enough to rinse out in a hotel sink the night after sampling among chiggers, lightweight enough to throw onto the fan in a hotel to dry so I can wear them by the early morning the next day. And they need to be cheap and loose fitting.

One hot 94 degree day brushing up on my glade flora (trying to figure out Sporobolus neglectus and S. asper without flowering stalks in May) before sampling begins in early June. Heck, at the rate bloom time is occurring this year I may have the flowers of the grasses and the Asters by early July.

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