Monday, September 03, 2012


The very hurricane that flooded the homes of many friends (even as far north as Prairieville, Louisiana) and left everyone I know back home without power for at least 6 days, going on 7 in some parts, dumped 3.45" of much needed rain to my yard and across the Ozarks. For the past few weeks, flocks of birds-robins, titmice, wrens, blue jays, the suite of winter birds- have discovered the fine mist sprinkler I set up for my kale and chard beds. The birds appreciate the pools of mud that occur after 20 minutes of watering, and they fight over the cheap (but effective) birdbath set up near the garden. Soaked blue jays are particularly endearing. I haven't seen as many birds in the bird feeding area of my yard since "winter" of last year.

The task begins: knock back the rust colored stalks of Silphium perfoliatum that didn't make it through the drought, smack down the Tovara that bit the dust, and watch as the resilient grape vines, eupatoriums and goldenrods set buds following the rain event. Fireline preparation begins, along with a scary visit from an inspector to make certain my terrific San Francisco-based landlady is not a slumlord. With the rangy dead stalks still standing (mostly for the wintering bees), the yard almost looks "blighted," as they say around here. I think it looks autumnal. In the eye of the beholder and all that, I guess...

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Pix at Under the Oaks said...

Allison, looking at our Tiny Ten now as autumnal is the only way I can keep from crying over our trees. Congratulations on your rainfall. We got just a little over 2 and a half inches-thank you Issac. Now to get thru these next days of 95+ degree heat and welcome the cold front on Thursday! I see some wine time days Under the Oaks... :)