Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Virtual fire

"The hills are alive!" read the subject heading from Augusta Winery's monthly newsletter. Nestled in the river hills with those cool, north and east facing slopes all chocked full of sugar maples, I can imagine that it looks like the maple country around Frankenstein (C Road off A Road outside of Bonnot's Mill), or even as splendid as the drive I took yesterday to St. Louis where I crossed the Meramec River and saw folks pulled over taking photos at the junction of 270 and 44 as traffic whizzed by at 60 mph.  I can only be jealous of folks who took a float on the upper Niangua and headwaters of the Meramec during yesterday's incredible fall weather. Not quite as idyllic, but I was piloting a vehicle instead of a canoe that day.

I took lots of woodland interior photos, and my friend Don K. sent the second one from the dolomite cliff in the same Niangua Basin location. Mile after mile of maroon white oaks, brilliant red oaks, bright yellow hickories and sugar maples, sassafras in three colors. Even a soon-to-be-restored glade is lovely when framed by fall color. So fleeting...

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Anonymous said...

Fleeting indeed. All other activity loses priority when fall color nears its peak. I'm hoping it will hang on for this weekend when I can get my annual overdose.