Friday, May 10, 2013

2013 North American Migratory Bird Count

Tomorrow, May 11, is the annual North American Migratory Bird Count Day, always held on the second Saturday in May when the migration is at its peak. Participation in this great event has slacked off so I don't think any national organizations are storing the data collected. In Missouri, several Audubon chapters continue to participate and now they can store their data on my chapter's website. Most folks in Missouri have opted to spend the second Saturday in May as a Big Day, chalking up as many species in a day as humanly possible. The NAMBC day is now a personal record day, which is a shame for the data collectors who like to track population changes, migratory changes, abundance, relative importance values, etc. If you want to participate in the formal event, my local Audubon chapter will be hosting all of the data on our website. If you have data from previous years and no where to store it, send it my way and we'll make it available on my chapter website. Today in the woods: Black throated green warblers, black throated blue warblers, summer tanagers, scarlet tanagers, gnatcatchers, Chuck-wills widows, and the whole exciting suite of boreal forest interior guys who only spend a few weeks in Missouri. The lovely photo of the black throated blue is not mine, but can be purchased here.

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