Sunday, November 24, 2013

For Sale: Meramec Vineyards

A sad (for me) post came through my mail this morning, an e-newsletter from Phyllis of Meramec Vineyards, the home of weekday hours, nice lunches and supple Nortons. The winery is for sale pending her retirement from the business. Phyllis has made quite a legacy in the area that now houses four other wineries including the virtually ancient winery in the St. James region, Heinrichhaus Winery (another great Norton winery). See Phyllis' note below:
When It's Time To Find A Successor by Phyllis Meagher, Owner of Meramec Vineyards Sign on winery on I-44 If you have driven by the winery or visited us in the last couple months you know that there is a big FOR SALE sign in front of the winery. Yes, it's true - Meramec Vineyards is for sale. Some 33 years after purchasing the original vineyard and almost 15 years after starting the winery, I have decided to look for a successor and retire. It wasn't an easy decision. There Comes a Time Birthdays come and go. Another year. And another. They add up. Owning and running a winery is a blast. It's rewarding. It is a lot of work as well. Each year I say "one more year". But all those birthdays can't be ignored. There comes a time when you know that there isn't an unlimited number of "next years". It begins to get harder to keep up physically. I know that Meramec Vineyards would do well with a younger and newer set of hands to guide her. It may take a while to find the right new person but I know it is time for me to look at retirement. Recognizing that a smooth transition could require me to work and consult with the new owner, I decided to put the winery up for sale now so we have time to find the right new owner and I still have some time and energy left to help with any transition. Still Open and Flourishing The winery is not closing - not by a long shot. We have just finished harvest and have over 10,000 gallons of new wine in the tanks. Our winery is open seven days a week. Our Bistro d'Vine is open seven days a week. Our "Atrium" is ready for private parties. We will continue to operate as usual with the special events as well as the wine, the food, the ambiance you have come to enjoy. Even during harvest this fall, we found ourselves saying things like "next year" we should do ... [fill in the blank.] We are still of a mind to keep making improvements - noting things we can do better or differently. What is "For Sale" The entire business is "for sale". Meramec Vineyards is a fully integrated winery. We grow our grapes. We process them into wine in our building here on Interstate 44. We have a retail room with wine related items and complimentary wine tasting at our tasting bar every day. We have a Bistro where you can enjoy wine and food amid the ambiance of a winery. There's a garden patio seating area. All that we are as a business is included: the fixed assets such as the Interstate 44 property where the winery building is located and the 30 acres of farm with vineyard equipment, farm building and 15 acres of producing vineyards with six varieties of grapes three miles from the winery. Our wine inventory. Our name. Our reputation. Our systems for conducting business have been honed over the years. Our excellent and knowledgeable staff is in place. Our wine bottle window. Our cork mulch. All the finishing touches. Tell Me More Have you started dreaming yet? Check out all the particulars by contacting our Broker: Dilek Acar of Acar Realty in Rolla Missouri. Check out more pictures and information including the selling price by clicking on their website: Acar Realty link Email: Call her: Direct Line: (573) 368-7355; Toll Free:(888) 355-7355 or Mobile:(573) 465-4321.

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