Thursday, April 10, 2014

Little Guys in the White River Hills

Back to the far southern reaches of the White River Hills to check in on spring, to see how it's progressing down there. In this country, currently being chewed up by development on wide expanses of glades and restorable woodlands, diminutive Leavenworthia exists in gravel parking lots. The sweet little white flowering Draba cuneifolia is a staple on the glades. One of the largest glade complexes (and with rich soil and Trelease's larkspur no less) has remained open in character because it rests at the juncture of two massive powerline easements that slice through the glade landscape. The White River country remains a hugely significant area for conservation with the sheer amount of glade acreage. So many restorable glades and so much development taking place right on top of them.

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