Saturday, November 08, 2014

November 8: National Wine Tourism Day!

Today's crisp and sunny weather is truly ideal for the celebration of National Wine Tourism Day. The leaves are quickly shedding from the trees, and wineries all over the state are rolling out new vintages and featuring their special holiday wines. November is officially Chambourcin Month in Missouri, the perfect dry red wine for Thanksgiving. There is much, much to celebrate today at Missouri's 120+ wineries!

Holiday wines started showing up in late September with St. James Winery's Cranberry Wine, a sweet and tart little wine. Meramec Vineyards, just down the road from St. James Winery, has produced a lovely Harvest Moon pumpkin spice-white wine and their dessert wine, Stark's Star, which highlights an heirloom grape by the same name. The number of holiday-themed spiced wines in Missouri are becoming increasingly common. And according to all of my winery e-newsletters, folks have started cranking up the Crock pots for mulled wine, cinnamon and other baking spices added to sweet or semi-dry white or red wine.

The days are shorter, winter botany time has come, and recreational winery hopping throughout the state tends to be a surefire way to keep spirits up...

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