Sunday, March 08, 2015

March Fire Season

This weekend's clement temperatures and bright sunlight sent thoughts of my spring garden coursing through my head. My starter pots of kale, cilantro, and arugula are now outside under a protective cage to protect them from squirrel and robin plundering. With the snowpack melting, the flashy fuels recovering from weeks of moisture, the first hint of daffodil greenery availing itself, this week is shaping up to be ideal conditions for prescribed fire in many parts of the Ozarks.

In a preferred situation, the weather will remain on the cool side with drying days to allow for light intensity fires to course through landscapes to allow light to the woodland floor. While there are certain practitioners implementing fire in a destructive pattern, there should be much appreciation for the conscientious fire managers who burn for ecological health, to emulate a natural disturbance process that gave rise to our heterogeneous landscapes in the Ozarks. Check in with the NOAA Fire Weather Spot Forecast here to see if your favorite places are burning this March.

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