Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Devastating Floods

Records rivaling the floods of 1993 have been broken on the Meramec River today, the announcement coming on the heels of horrific photos of an entire house being carried swiftly downstream. The Ozarks normally see heavy rain events in April and in November, but Christmas flooding on this level cannot be explained away as the effects of an El Nino. Roads around the Gasconade River remain closed as I write following another trip to the St. Louis Airport where I saw most of St. Charles underwater. This is not a natural event, this cannot be a natural event. One report from Highway 19 along the Current River is that river levels shot up to 30 ft.

I have navigated FEMA before in New Orleans and I will undoubtedly be brushing off my bureaucratic skills to work with them again in coming weeks and months once the damage has been assessed. From what I see tonight and in the past few days, the damage is severe. Very sad days for Missouri.

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Patricia A. Laster said...

So sorry for Missourians and Arkansans and Oklahoma folks -- and all others. Thankfully, I am on a hill in central AR and far from a body of water, but the devastation shown in the newspapers and on social media are sickening. Looking forward to what your bureaucratic skills accomplish.