Saturday, February 13, 2016

Great Backyard Bird Count 2016

For many years, birders across the country have come to associate President's Day weekend with a global birding event. The Great Backyard Bird Count began yesterday, and the checklists in Missouri are starting to trickle in. The interactive map showing checklists for distinct areas allows visitors to the website to search by county. The Missouri checklists can be found here, and from there one can search for specific counties.

While the count is labeled a "backyard" event, birding isn't restricted to a personal residence; "backyard" can refer to any place with birds, be it a state park, a national forest, a trail, and so forth. With three full feeders, warm water in the birdbath, fresh suet, and a large wooded backyard, I'm planning to participate in the bird count. I've already seen four species of woodpeckers and many other typical Missouri winter birds. The male cardinals perch on the redbud shrubs waiting for their turn at the hopper feeder, waiting patiently for the chickadees to quickly grab their tiny morsel and take it off to the cedar for munching.

Have fun exploring the data and participating in this fun weekend event!

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